Projective Habitat

Competition - one 1st prize

in collaboration with Philipp Schneider, Oliver Kreuz, Simon Kettel and Jens Johannisson


Projective habitat presents an idea for future living environments and relates to the upcoming IBA Parkstad in the border region of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. As part of the first phase of the competition, we analyzed the existing housing typologies of the architecture in this region. The evolution of the so-called Three-Window House [Dreifensterhaus] was an important reference for the research project. This typology developed in medieval times in Aachen and other nearby cities and still has an impact on the character of the area. Our analysis led to the proposal of dense housing units, made with red bricks. The porous housing elements are in a spatial dialogue with the landscape.


Projective Habitat Competition ADDITIV Perspektive
Projectve Habitat Competition Grundriss ADDITIV
Communal Housing Brick Work
Backstein Fassade Projective Habitat
Backstei Fassade Prjective Habitat