Conversion of a former base

Schlaun competition - honorable mention

in collaboration with Philipp Schneider


The competition is about a conversion of an area which was formerly used as a barracks. The city of Rheine wants to establish a University campus and housing units. As we were not convinced by the idea to locate the University in the periphery of this small city, we proposed to use the empty building of the Hertie department store in the city center. The aim was to reactivate the center and to establish new housing units for students at the same place. The design of the housing units in the center refers to a typology that can be found in Rheine, which is characterized by a "setback" of the facade. The buildings of the barracks are abandoned and the idea for the area as part of the project is to establish townhouses according to family needs with green communal spaces and private gardens.





Schlaun Wettbewerb Rheine Coversion Kasernen Areal Wohnquartier ADDITIV
Conversion Schlaun Wettbewerb Competition Brick Backstei Hertie Areal Rheine