Köln II

Facade transformation at Hermeskeiler Straße in Cologne

Invited competition

in collaboration with Simon Kettel


The competition asks for a transformation of an existing housing complex for a housing company in Cologne. Our proposal deals with the heterogeneous character of the existing. The building is situated at Hermeskeiler Platz in Cologne and surrounded by different buildings from the 1960s and 1970s. The existing facade is characterized by loggias and elements that are creating a relief-like structure. We propose to dismantle the relief and to change the proportions of the loggias and windows with the aim to show the correlation between the existing layout of the building and the facade. The new design is made with red tiles and refers to the architecture of Cologne of the post-war years.


Hermeskeiler Straße Wettbewerb Simon Kettel Isometrie Fasade Keramik
Hermeskeiler Straße Sanierung Grundriss