Chair and ambo for a hospitaler chapel 



The small chapel in Bokelesch [northern Germany] is an important example of these area's history. The typology of these chapels is typically integrated into a farm and pretty much hidden from the streets. The small chapel in Bokelesch is built with bricks and is still used for worship and cultural events by the inhabitants of that area. Chair and ambo for the chapel are made with 400 year old wood [bog oat] that was used as pile foundations in an old harbor in a nearby city. The wood was slightly rotten and the cracks and defects are part of the furniture design. The proportions of the furniture are related to the proportions of the building.

Bokelesch Johanniterkapelle Mooreiche Entwurf Möbel Ambo Priesterstuhl
Isometrie Stuhl Möbel Mooreice Bokelesch Furniture Design